Detroit Reporter Accused of Using N-Word While Covering Story

By Mark Joyella 

A reporter for Detroit NBC affiliate WDIV is accused of using the “N-word” while covering a story earlier this year, prompting community activists to plan protests at the station.

Fox-owned WJBK reports two community activists held a news conference calling for a boycott of the station and its advertisers if WDIV does not make a public apology. “We’ve got to check the attitudes, because if hate is embedded in those that report it’s going to reflect in how they cover stories,” said activist Sam Riddle.

WJBK aired a story about the news conference without naming the reporter in question, saying only that the incident happened while the WDIV reporter worked on the story of a three-year-old shot and killed in Detroit on Easter Sunday.


WJBK quotes a WDIV station spokesperson as saying they’re “working on this right now and not in a position to respond.”