Detroit Councilman Says He Won’t Talk to FOX Reporter Anymore

By Kevin Eck 

Detroit City Council member George Cushingberry, Jr. says he won’t speak to Detroit FOX reporter M.L. Elrick anymore.

Cushingberry has gone so far as to declare an imaginary “No Elrick Zone.” On his facebook page, the president pro tem of the council, linked to a blog that explains he “will never grant an interview or feed into the sideshow dressed up as ‘news’ with M.L. Elrick.”

ML Elrick will continue to be an unwilling participant in Mrs. Obama’s Lets Move Program by chasing [Cushingberry] down for buffoonery interviews. We do understand that Mr. Elrick needs a job and is doing it well. The last thing we want is another unemployed white man blaming a black man for losing his job. Mr. Elrick is always welcome in Detroit like any other citizen to party, and work here.


Last January, Elrick claimed Cushingberry had police rough him up rather than answer his questions. The cops were later cleared of any wrongdoing.

Laura Moore, WJBK assistant news director told The Detroit News, “The quickest way to get a reporter to go away, is to answer his questions.”

“Part of his job,” Elrick says, “is answering questions from the Fourth Estate. The Founding Fathers knew that.”

The people don’t always have access, so the press steps in to hold elected officials accountable. It’s a fairly simple process, or at least it should be.