Despite Rumors, WXIA Says Meteorologist ‘So Not Fired’

By Kevin Eck 

WXIA is responding to rumors it has fired meteorologist Chris Holcomb.

The Atlanta NBC affiliate reports Holcomb got a twitter alert that he’d been fired based on someone seeing that his bio had been removed from the station website along with a job posting for a meteorologist.

“Even though I was 99% sure that it wasn’t true, I started sweating a little bit,” said Holcomb.

The published rumor noted Holcomb’s bio has disappeared from They also saw a position for a meteorologist had been posted. That publication made the assumption (you know what they say about assumptions), that Holcomb had been fired.

If they’d taken the time to call any of the management at 11Alive, or Holcomb himself, the author of that silly little rumor would have found the truth: We love Chris Holcomb.

WXIA says bugs from a CMS conversion meant some info didn’t transfer correctly. “[Reporter] Doug Richards isn’t fired. Neither is the rest of the digital team, whose bios also are floating around in outer space somewhere,” said the station.

“We’re adding to our weather team,” news director Jennifer Rigby said about the open meteorologist position. “At no time was that addition considered as a replacement for Chris Holcomb.”