DeSantis Advisor Responds to Local Reporter’s Hot Mic Comment About Making DeSantis ‘Uncomfortable’

By Kevin Eck 

An advisor to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has responded to a comment made by a FirstCoast News reporter saying she was at an event to make DeSantis “uncomfortable.”

Christina Pushaw sent out a tweet telling First Coast News reporter Atyia Collins, “Next time make sure you aren’t speaking into a hot mic while you wait to ‘make him uncomfortable.'” She also later called Collins a “journactivist.”

Collins was caught saying on a hot mic during a livestream in Jacksonville that her role was to “ask the tough questions and make him uncomfortable, I guess,” referring to the Florida Governor.


Pushaw then sent out another tweet saying that “A journalist’s job is to tell the truth. Of course, speaking truth to power can make the powerful uncomfortable, but ‘discomfort’ shouldn’t be the goal — the goal should be revealing the truth. Pushing biased narratives with the express goal to create discomfort isn’t journalism”

Click here to hear the hot mic moment at around :26.