Denver’s KUSA Celebrates 60 Years

By Kevin Eck 

This Friday, KUSA in Denver will celebrate its 60th anniversary.

The station, which began as both a CBS and an ABC affiliate with the call letters KBTV, kicked off the celebration Sunday night taking viewers back to 1950’s Denver and giving them a small taste of what watching TV was like back then.  You can watch the video of the story after the jump.

According to the story, The Rocky Mountain News encouraged viewers at the time to hold TV viewing parties but to protect themselves with greenery, “they also warned you that there were little rays coming out of the television screen that could zap you.  And the best thing to do about that was to put some plants on the TV or near  it to soak up these potentially deadly TV rays.”


The station has a web page devoted to the event.  Click here to view.  The Denver Post also has an article about the station’s celebration and history.  Click here to see.  Watch the videos inside.

This week the NBC affiliate is also revisiting a selection of big stories that aired during the station’s history.  Monday they went back to the fifties to relive the bombing of United Airlines Flight 629. Today’s story was about the Great South Platte Flood in 1965.

Here’s the story on the Great South Platte Flood:

Below you can watch the story on the station’s roots: