Denver Photojournalist Patches Up Hurt Reporter in Time for Live Shot

By Kevin Eck 

A KCNC photojournalist went into MacGyver mode to help reporter Michael Abeyta after he was injured before a live shot over the weekend.

Abeyta suffered a badly sprained ankle while scouting a live shot location for a story about power outages in the area on Saturday. It seems a muddy embankment gave way and he slid into a gulley, messed up his ankle and had to crawl back to his news vehicle.

Lucky for him, station photographer Danyelle Wyrosdick showed up 20 minutes before his live shot and was able to patch him back together. Wyrosdick has been at the Denver CBS owned station for three weeks.


“He was in pain,” said Wyrosdick. “It just switched in my head,” she said. “I looked and I have a plastic bag. I filled it with snow and said, ‘Put this on your ankle.’ I was in first aid mode.”

Using items from both of their first aid kits, along with some paper towels and rope, she made a makeshift bandage and helped him support his weight by using two metal chopsticks to make a splint.

Because of her handiwork, Abeyta made his time slot at 5 p.m.

“We successfully did our live shot, even though [producers] Rayla and Rachel gave us an out,” Mike added. “So thank you to Dany for saving my bacon.”