Denver Anchor Tells Viewer My Weight ‘Between Me and Myself’

By Kevin Eck 

Denver morning anchor Dayle Cedars has joined the ranks of anchors and reporters who are letting viewers know some boundaries still need to be respected.

Cedars wrote on the KMGH website she got an email from a viewer that read, “Dayle, we’re all big fans and would sure like to see you drop 20 lbs. or so.”

“If you’re like me, your initial reaction was probably shock — how could someone say this?” wrote Cedars. “I have been in this business of TV news for 17 years and have developed some thick skin. Does is still hurt? Of course. Anytime someone says anything less than flattering about you, it makes you feel bad.”


Cedars echoed recent sentiment that social media and technology are giving people an anonymous forum to say whatever they think whenever they think it without consequences.

“I have no issue with people making comments and voicing their opinions,” wrote Cedars. “Everyone has that right. But if you would not say it to my face, you should not write it to me.”

This particular comment is about physical appearance. We are all different. Yes, I work on television, so how I look does matter. But I do not need to be a size zero to look good and do a good job. If you have seen me in person, you know I am smaller than I appear on television. It is true, TV does lend the appearance of being heavier (they say it adds 10 pounds). Do I have some weight to lose? Perhaps. But that is between me and myself.

I think we as a society need to really think before we speak. Some of my viewers who follow me on Facebook commented that this is bullying. Maybe. Again, I am able to let this roll off my back more easily than maybe some. And yes, I have to say a huge THANK YOU to all 250+ viewers who commented on my Facebook page. I can definitely say you all value “me,” not my appearance, and I am truly grateful for that.