Dan Rather on Fox News: Lawsuit ‘Not Over’

By Andrew Gauthier 


Dan Rather maintains that his lawsuit against CBS is far from over, despite the New York Appellate court’s ruling on Wednesday to dismiss the case. In an interview with Fox News/Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto on Thursday, Rather said he was “determined,” and understood that he faced “a long, hard fight.”

Rather told Cavuto, “I believe so strongly the public needs to understand that this effort by large corporations and partisan political people to manipulate the news and people who cover the news is not the American way.”

Rather sued CBS, where he worked since 1962, for $70 million in 2007. He sought damages for breach of contract, and tarnishing his reputation after the network investigated his “60 Minutes II” report on President George W. Bush‘s National Guard record. Rather resigned before the investigation’s findings were released.

Rather plans to ask the New York Court of Appeals to review the case.

“Dan was a great anchor for us,” Louis Briskman, the CBS lawyer, told The New York Times recently. “I hate the whole thing. The whole situation is pathetic. To have to fight Dan Rather is pathetic. I really wish the whole thing would just go away.”