Dallas Sports Guy Says ‘Nothing Will Change’ After Dallas Police Murders

By Kevin Eck 

WFAA sports guy Dale Hansen has no fear of putting down his knitting and saying what he thinks about topics outside of sports.

Friday night, Hansen asked his viewers what the murder of five people will do to right the wrongs “too many people deal with everyday.”


“When we talk about blindly supporting the blue and when we try to show our support for these brave men and women, we fail to realize we can’t defend them all and we shouldn’t defend them all,” said Hansen.

“A white man in America doesn’t die for selling cigarettes on a street corner, he gets a ticket,” he said. “A white man in America doesn’t die for driving with a broken taillight, he gets a ticket, too. And the officers who abuse the badge and the power they have should be punished, and too many times they are not.”

Hansen made the point that the number of shootings in the country are beginning to inoculate Americans to the violence. He said the country will properly mourn the five city policeman murdered in an ambush Thursday night, but nothing will change.