Dallas Prep School Apologizes After Football Team Harasses WFAA Reporter Brett Shipp

By Merrill Knox 

A high school football team in Dallas was not pleased to see WFAA investigative reporter Brett Shipp at one of their recent practice sessions (video above).

Shipp has been covering the football program at Prime Prep, Deion Sanders’ new charter school, since local officials voted to ban the school’s athletic teams from competing this year. The team was practicing in a public city park last week when Shipp stopped by with a camera crew, prompting outrage from the players and coaches, who demanded he leave.

An assistant coach escorted Shipp from the field and stood in front of the camera to make sure he was not able to shoot video. Eventually, the entire football team crossed the street and surrounded Shipp, shouting questions at him.

Prime Prep subsequently released a statement, calling the incident an “embarrassment to our school and all it represents.”

“We do not condone or promote this type of behavior at our academy and will take the necessary steps to reinforce the core values on which our school was founded,” the statement reads. “Our executive team and governance board will continue to investigate this matter and will ensure going forward, that all individuals affiliated with our school exhibit the leadership, character and professional conduct that is consistent with our vision and mission as an academic institution.”