Could it Be Aliens? Las Vegas Station Reports About Possible Close Encounter

By Kevin Eck 

It seems like stories about aliens and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) are becoming more and more mainstream, so much so that one Las Vegas station sent its investigative unit to get to the bottom of an alleged sighting.

In a video that captured a possible UAP crash, a bright object streaked through the night sky. But instead of following a direct path to Earth, it seemed to flutter like a crashing object, which witnesses said was followed by a visit from aliens.

One witness named Angel told KLAS investigative reporter George Knapp, who is known for his UFO research and reporting, that when he looked into the yard where the object had landed, the crash site was “obscured and blurry as if veiled by an unknown form of camouflage.”


The sighting was credible enough for the local PD to send officers out to see what was going on.

The report below is from the KLAS investigative team:

“So there’s two people — or two subjects that are in your backyard,” the dispatcher asked.

“Correct, and they’re very large,” the caller responded. “They are like eight foot, nine feet, ten foot. I don’t know, they look like aliens to us.”

The caller described what he saw, detailing the figures’ big, shiny eyes and mouths. There’s one thing the caller said he was confident about.

“100 percent they’re not human,” the caller told the dispatcher. Investigators spoke with family members multiple times in the past four weeks, but each of the three times we accepted their invitation to do an interview, they failed to answer the door or their phone.

Publicly, Angel has said the family heard an audible patter of multiple feet in the yard and later heard footsteps on their roof. They claim to have seen one of the 8-foot-tall creatures climb behind the controls of a large frontloader stored in the yard as if trying to engage it.

Angel said he got a good look at one of the creatures, describing it as a greenish-grayish being with large eyes and long legs. He said the creatures’ deep breaths were audible and that he became frozen in place when locking eyes with the entity, unable to move. In the middle of the yard, where the object had crashed and then vanished, a circular impression remained in the soil.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department sources say the police dispatcher initially wondered whether sending a crisis intervention team was more appropriate to help the troubled witness. Deciding to take the incident seriously, two officers arrived 38 minutes after the call.

A few days later, the family said two LVMPD sergeants returned to the scene to ask follow-up questions. The family said they also saw men in suits and sunglasses in a car with government license plates driving past the house in the following days.

While Nellis and Creech Air Force Base officials have denied any interest or involvement in the incident, LVMPD sources indicated that they believe the family’s claim that something crashed in the yard. Exactly what crashed, however, remains a mystery.