Former KXAS Anchor Running for Congress Attacks His Old Station in Latest Political Ad

By Merrill Knox 

Former KXAS anchor Grant Stinchfield, a Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in Texas, has bought ad time on the Dallas NBC O&O to run ads attacking his former station.

“I used to bring you the news every night, but here’s what you didn’t know: too many times NBC refused to to let me tell the stories that you needed to hear,” Stinchfield says in the ad (watch above). “Was it liberal bias or simply the fear of losing ad dollars? I believe it was both.”


Dallas media blogger Ed Bark reports Stinchfield’s ad ran on the KXAS 4 p.m. newscast yesterday and will run again today. The NBC O&O released a statement yesterday on the decision to air the ad.

“We consistently maintain the highest news standards and policies, and always demand fair and balanced reporting from all of our journalists,” the statement reads. “Mr. Stinchfield is a legally qualified candidate for federal office, and we are, therefore, obligated under federal law to air his ad. However, his allegations related to NBC5 are simply not true.”

Stinchfield said earlier this year that media bias was one of the things that compelled him to run for public office.

[Via Uncle Barky’s Bytes]