Community Takes to Twitter to Mock KSTP Report Accusing Mayor of Flashing Gang Signs

By Kevin Eck 

Last night, KSTP reporter Jay Kolls did a story accusing the Minneapolis mayor of throwing gang signs while taking a picture with a convicted felon.


According to Kolls’ report, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and the man the Daily Kos has identified as Navell Gordon, are doing much more than pointing at each other. The KSTP reporter claims the two are actually flashing gang signs.

Kolls’ story has set off the bullshit meters of some Minneapolis residents and has triggered accusations of racism. Some are tweeting out gang signs of their own under the hashtag #pointergate in an attempt to mock Kolls’ report.

The Daily Kos posted a video providing the young man in the picture a voice. You can also see the two taking the picture in question which the Daily Kos describes as a “‘how do we pose in this photo together’ moment.”

In the story, Kolls admits he can’t prove the man is in a gang, saying, “they say there’s no evidence he belongs to a gang, but they say he has connections to gang members.”

We have asked Kolls and KSTP news management for comment. We will update when we hear back.