Colorado Springs Morning Anchors Demolish General Manager’s Office

By Kevin Eck 

File this video into the “sometimes it’s just fun to watch people break things” column.

KXRM, The FOX affiliate for Colorado Springs is getting a new newsroom. In the spirit of helping out, the morning news crew of Kimberly Price, Craig Coffey and Justin Chambers thought it would be fun to demolish the office of general manager Steve Dant without him in it, of course. Keep in mind, these are the same anchors who brought us, “Morning Anchors Impersonate Each Other for Opposite Day

Needless to say, no one was injured in the recording of this video except maybe the pride of Chambers who didn’t look to have a whole lot of velocity on that fastball.

UPDATE: Joe Cole, the station’s vice president of news operations and weekday anchor, told TVSpy, the evening anchors got in on the act later. “In the 9:00pm news instead of smashing walls on tape, we did live shots from the new construction area and gave our reporter a sledge hammer so she could take a wall out live on air.”

KXRM’s morning crew is known for its hijinks, both verbal and physical. They’re building quite a library here at TVSpy.

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Here are some photos of the evening crew breaking things:

Joe Cole and Niki Weirich posing with a tool of destruction:

Here’s the Chief Meteorologist Terry Gerbstadt showing some good form: