CNN’s Anderson Cooper Live From War-Torn Afghanistan

By Andrew Gauthier 


Anderson Cooper will broadcast from Afghanistan during the week of September 7th, CNN announced Tuesday. In honor of the eighth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Cooper will anchor “Anderson Cooper 360” while embedded with US troops working to bring security to the war-torn country. Joining Cooper will be CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, covering battle field trauma surgery; CNN’s national security analyst Peter Bergen; and CNN correspondent Michael Ware.

Embedded journalists in Afghanistan have been in the news a lot recently. Cami McCormick, an embedded CBS News Radio correspondent was seriously wounded Friday by a roadside bomb while travelling in Afghanistan’s Logar province. McCormick is scheduled to return to the U.S. this week after receiving treatment at the U.S. military hospital in Lundstahl, Germany.


Earlier last week, the U.S. Army scrambled to explain its relationship with public relations firm the Rendon Group, after Stars and Stripes broke a story claiming one of their reporters had been denied embed status after Rendon’s assessment of his previous war coverage deemed him overly pessimistic. The report led to accusations of censorship and an intense outcry from the journalism community, and on Monday, it was announced that the Army had ended their contract with Rendon.

“AC 360” reports will air weeknights at 10 pm on CNN, culminating in an hour-long special on Saturday, Sept. 12th at 8pm ET, and re-airing at 11pm and on Sunday at 2amET on CNN. Additionally, will feature a multimedia look at Anderson Cooper 360 Afghanistan trip.