CNN Saw Strong Demo Numbers Last Week

By Andrew Gauthier 

The Huffington Post

A funny thing happened on cable news last week: CNN–yes, the beleaguered, ratings-starved, down the middle cable news network that just can’t find an audience–scored major ratings victories over Fox News and MSNBC.

CNN posted and sustained surprisingly strong demo numbers across several timeslots last week. For the week, it was up 51% over its April 2010 A25-54 viewer average, while Fox News was up 11% and MSNBC down 5%. In primetime and daytime, CNN was up by huge percentages (35% and 57%, respectively) while both Fox News and MSNBC were down, relative to their April averages.


Perhaps the most startling statistics come during the day, where anchors like Kyra Phillips, Ali Velshi, and Rick Sanchez led CNN to victories over Fox News throughout the week. More…