CNN Giving ‘Parker Spitzer’ Room to Grow

By Andrew Gauthier 

The Wall Street Journal

Eliot Spitzer‘s debut on CNN’s prime-time lineup has been greeted by tepid viewing and some scathing reviews. But the network plans to give the former New York governor time to build on signs of early growth, as producers hone the show’s tone and format.

The show, “Parker Spitzer,” is a cornerstone of the Time Warner Inc. network’s effort to rebuild its lineup and boost its declining audience. It pairs the liberal Mr. Spitzer with conservative newspaper columnist Kathleen Parker–a combination that CNN hopes will inject energy into its evenings, without diluting the network’s nonpartisan identity.


The hosts’ 8 p.m. timeslot is perhaps the most competitive in television news, and “Parker Spitzer” has lagged. More…