CNN Debuts New $1.99 iPhone App

By Andrew Gauthier 

USA Today

CNN is charging $1.99 for a splashy new iPhone app that taps the video capabilities of the latest version of the phone to inspire your inner citizen journalist.

The app delivers live streams of breaking news stories and employs a variety of personalization features that let you sign up to get local news, track stories you want to follow and contribute photos or videos to CNNs reporting. You can also save videos or text-based stories so that you can look at them when youre without a network connection (think plane rides).

For sure, CNN is late to the app party, but its betting that news junkies will pony up for the rich visuals and interactive features it has built into the app. Among other things, youll be able to flip through images fronting new stories a la the Cover Flow feature in Apples iTunes software. More…