Cleveland Station Fooled By Meat Loaf Impersonator

By Merrill Knox 

WJW, the Fox affiliate in Cleveland, recently reported on a local celebrity sighting, showing pictures of singer Meat Loaf stopping into a bar in neighboring Kent. There was just one problem, MoeZilla points out on Newsvine: the photos were of a Meat Loaf impersonator, not the singer himself.

“It was ‘paradise’ at a popular tavern down in Kent, Ohio this weekend,” the station reported on Tuesday’s morning newscast. “Meat Loaf making a surprise appearance at the Water Street Tavern on South Water Street.”

WJW went on to show photos of the impersonator posing with various fans and even photobombing one couple, noting the artist was in Kent “for the Folk Fest.”


Meat Loaf took to Facebook to set the record straight:

I’ve seen the pictures and you all look great! However, you were all had……whoever is with you all WAS NOT ME!!! I’m still on set shooting Stage Fright and we’re nowhere near there!

The station has since removed the Meat Loaf sighting story from its website, but MoeZilla notes the cached version is still available online.