Cincinnati Anchor Gains National Following with Ron Paul ‘Reality Check’s

By Andrew Gauthier 

Since anchor Ben Swann joined WXIX two years ago, he has played a major part in the Fox-affiliate’s “balanced” approach to news. In his regular “Reality Check” segments, Swann dissects major news stories to give viewers a fresh perspective on the headlines.

As Republican presidential hopefuls have duked it out over the past few months, Swann’s “Reality Check” videos have gained a national following, largely because of his repeated coverage (and defense) of Ron Paul.

Washington Post media blogger Erik Wemple posted an in-depth look at Swann’s ideological ties to the constitutionalist candidate this week, pointing out that, as the anchor has analyzed Paul’s candidacy, he has gained a national following, especially among Paul supporters.

“I’m a big believer in the Constitution,” Swann told Wemple. “I’m a constitutionalist in terms of my view of politics, and I struggle with a lot of the spin that I see.”

Here’s probably the most popular of Swann’s Ron Paul “Reality Check”s.  In it, Swann covers “the spin” surrounding Paul’s campaign and highlights the candidate’s core beliefs…