Chuck Todd Tells KING News Execs Reason Debates ‘Stunk’ This Election

By Kevin Eck 

Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd was pretty candid in his assessment of the presidential primary debates in a discussion with KING reporter Natalie Brand yesterday.

“I think the quality of debates this cycle has stunk,” Todd told the audience at Seattle’s CityClub last night. Todd co-moderated one in February.

“Part of it had too many news executives motivated by the eyeballs and whatever it took to get the candidates on stage,” said Todd. “You cut the deal with whatever organization. Questionable partnerships ethically that back in the day never would have passed standards at a news organization.”

He also said you can’t blame Trump on the media.

You can watch the entire discussion below. You can also click here to watch.

A KING spokesperson told TVSpy Todd hosted his MSNBC show Meet the Press Daily from the Seattle NBC affiliate and also taped a couple of segments, including one for the Sunday morning show. KING also had him on its 4 p.m. newscast and put him in some station promos.