Chuck Scarborough Thinks Jimmy Fallon is Trying to Steal WNBC’s Studio (Again)

By Merrill Knox 

Before interviewing Jimmy Fallon about his “Tonight Show” debut, longtime WNBC anchor Chuck Scarborough reminded viewers that the New York home of “The Tonight Show,” Studio 6B in 30 Rock, did not always belong to late-night comedy.

After “The Tonight Show” moved to Los Angeles in 1972, Studio 6B was the home of WNBC until 2008. Fallon’s “Late Night” debuted from Studio 6B in 2009.

“He kind of bumped us out. I’m still a little bit sore about that,” Scarborough said. “…I know what you’re doing here, Jimmy. First you kick me out of Studio 6B five years ago. And then you take over Studio 6A. You’re casing the joint, aren’t you? You want my studio again.”

“This is pretty nice, here. I think we need another — like a remote studio or something,” Fallon joked, pointing out that the studio’s history display includes a picture of Scarborough. “Chuck, you’ve been nothing but a gentleman. We now have you on our walls and we force people to look at photos of you.”