Christine O’Donnell Tells WTTG She Walked Out on Piers Because ‘He Wouldn’t Stop Talking About Sex’

By Andrew Gauthier 

In her first TV appearance since walking out on Piers Morgan earlier this week, Christine O’Donnell sat down with WTTG morning anchor Steve Chenevey on Thursday and complained that the CNN host wouldn’t stop talking about sex.

“Well first of all I want to set the record straight, it wasn’t the question on gay marriage,” O’Donnell told Chenevey. “He had a decidedly inappropriate line of questions leading up to that, that many people– bloggers–are saying was just border-line creepy.”


“I was not there to talk about sex, and he would not stop trying to talk about sex,” she said (video inside).

O’Donnell defended her decision to abruptly end the interview, saying, “What could you do? He’s not ending it, we’re late, we’re over time… We’re on a very tight schedule.”