Chris Blackman Out as WCAU News Director

By Andrew Gauthier 

Chris Blackman is leaving his news director post at WCAU, after more than a decade with the Philadelphia NBC station.

“I have a bit of news,” Blackman announced in an email to staff on Wednesday. “Eric and I have come to the mutual conclusion that it’s time for new leadership in the newsroom–time for new ideas and a fresh perspective on what we do. So after 11 years at NBC10 I will be moving on to see what other adventures life has to offer.”

Following Blackman’s announcement to WCAU staff, president and general manager Eric Lerner followed up to say that being a news director, especially in a major market, “is the most difficult job in the building.”


Blackman joined WCAU in July of 2001 as assistant news director and was promoted to news director in January of 2002. He has been a part of the NBC family for most of his career, working as a news writer and producer at WMAQ for ten years and serving as vice president of news programming for CNBC Asia for over four years, before joining WCAU.

“For over a decade, Chris Blackman has been our remarkable vice president of news,” Lerner added in his note to staff. “I am extremely appreciative to Chris for all that he has done at NBC 10. His efforts have improved the news operation in many ways.”

Lerner was named president and GM in March.