Chico Reporter Attacked During Facebook Live Hit ‘Extremely Thankful’ for Quick Police Response

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

KRCR reporter Meaghan Mackey is OK after someone attacked her at the scene of a mass overdose in Chico, Calif., while doing a Facebook Live hit on Saturday.

Mackey was MMJing outside of the home where the incident happened.

She was doing a FB hit after her 6:30 p.m. live shot to give an update on the investigation when someone came up to her and attacked her off camera. You don’t see the person, you only hear them screaming until police finally break it up.


“Meaghan is very shaken up but is OK. We are thankful law enforcement was right there and handled the situation quickly. We appreciate the kind words so many of you have offered Meaghan tonight,” KRCR said in a statement.

Mackey later released a statement about her condition.

Official Statement: As many of you know, I was attacked and assaulted at the scene of a mass overdose in Chico, California last night. I was doing my job, reporting the facts on a major incident during a ‘Facebook Live’ for my news station. I am extremely thankful for the quick response from law enforcement. I am also very appreciative of all the support I’ve received from colleagues, viewers, friends and family. I am still shaken up, but I am doing okay. I stand with all journalists working in defense of the truth. Thank you to anyone who has reached out or expressed their concerns. I appreciate your kind words of support and encouragement. I will not live in fear of doing my job. Above all, I value the freedom of the press and will continue to report on the truth and inform the public—even during times of tragedy

Video of the attack is below.