Chicago Anchor Meets ‘Younger, Nicer Version’ of Herself

By Kevin Eck 

Telling viewers “what person doesn’t want to hear there’s a younger, nicer version of her,” WGN morning anchor Robin Baumgarten (pictured right) met her doppelgänger last week.

Whitney Martin (left) is an anchor at WIFR, the CBS affiliate in Rockford, Illinois. WGN says she’s known as the “younger, nicer version” of the Chicago CW affiliate’s morning show anchor.

Baumgarten showed a picture of the two wearing the same dress. Martin said her co-workers basically told her she’d look more like Baumgarten if she had Emmys.

Larry Potash gave Martin advice on the four stages of a career, starting with “Who is Robin Baumgarten?” followed by “Get me Robin Baumgarten,” then “Get me a young Robin Baumgarten,” and bringing it full circle with “Who is Robin Baumgarten?”