Charlotte Meteorologists Take to the Race Track in School Buses for ‘Media Mayhem’

By Merrill Knox 

The weather forecast in Charlotte on Tuesday night? Slow, with a chance of crashing.

Charlotte meteorologists took to the Charlotte Motor Speedway earlier this week to battle it out — in school buses — for the third-annual “Media Mayhem” title. WBTV‘s Al Conklin, WCCB‘s Chris Justus, WSOC‘s Andrew Doud and WCNC‘s Brad Panovich each got behind the wheel of a 13-ton school bus, decorated with station slogans and call letters in graffiti, for the race. They competed against other weather personalities from the Charlotte market, including meteorologists from radio outlets and local cable stations.

With just three laps to go, Conklin edged out his competitors in the “Storm Chasin’ No. 3” bus, winning the race for the first time. Watch the video, from Fox affiliate WCCB, below: