Charlotte Anchor’s Entire Family Tests Positive for Covid-19

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Charlotte, N.C., news anchor Molly Grantham, who took a leave of absence from WBTV last month to have her third child, is going public about her entire family testing positive for Covid-19 just three days after her newborn came home from the hospital.

“Of the various visions I had about coming home with a new baby, none included the whole family in isolation with a potentially deadly virus,” Grantham wrote in a lengthy Facebook post.

Grantham says her oldest daughter, Parker, had mild allergy-like symptoms first, before she began to feel worse. A fever crept in and then Parker got nauseous. So Grantham got both her children tested for Covid-19.


The tests came back positive. Grantham’s newborn son, Hobie, was the youngest presumed positive case in her county, after being tested at just 10 days old.

“The pediatrician asked if [Parker had] been around anyone who had it,” Grantham recalled. “I said, ‘No.’ At the time I didn’t know my mother-in-law, who was watching them while we were in the hospital, had symptoms. The doctor said HOW and WHERE people are getting it almost doesn’t matter. Everyone can get easily exposed.”

Days passed and she says the whole family was home wearing masks. That’s when Grantham started showing symptoms of her own. She drove herself to a rapid-test location and was diagnosed with Covid-19 and pneumonia. She was immediately given antibiotics and went home.

Despite the chaos, the family is all OK now.

“Relief is an underrated sensation,” Grantham wrote. “It covers me right now as I watch the kids argue and Hobie sleepily smile and Wes feel okay… and yes … I am getting my energy back. Not there 100% but it is a beautiful feeling to know we’ll be okay.”

Grantham posted a number of tips for families who are all dealing with the uncertainty about the virus on her Facebook page.

Our entire family has COVID.That’s a direct way to say it, but I don’t have any bandwidth left to beat around the…

Posted by WBTV's Molly Grantham on Sunday, August 2, 2020