Charlie LeDuff Stops Detroit Cell Phone Thief

By Kevin Eck 

FOX correspondent Charlie LeDuff became the story after stopping a cell phone thief.

When the owner of Detroit’s American Coney Island restaurant was mugged in broad daylight, the hero who stopped the thief and got her cellphone back was none other than the FOX correspondent known for his national segment The Americans.

“Grace yelled help! He’s got my phone!’ There he goes across the street so I went and asked for the phone back,” LeDuff told WJBK reporter Charlie Langton.


“He’s a big guy and he’s a strong guy but LeDuff got him,” said American Coney Island owner Grace Keros.

According to the Wayne County prosecutor’s office, Thomas pleaded guilty to unarmed robbery from an incident in January of this year was sentenced to probation. He absconded, until LeDuff got him.

“Yeah we need more cops!” LeDuff told Langton. “I’m being told we have more cops but I certainly didn’t see any. The guy is wanted, he’s wandering around, he’s got warrants. Come on now. That’s bull s***.”

“The police are doing the best they can do, they really are,” Keros said. “But at a certain point, something’s got to give.”

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