Charges Dropped Against WTHI Meteorologist Pulled Over for DWI

By Kevin Eck 

Kevin Orpurt, meteorologist for Terre Haute, IN, CBS station WTHI, won’t face criminal charges after being arrested October 25.

The Terre Haute Tribune Star reports, Orpurt was facing two class-A misdemeanors: driving while intoxicated and endangering a person and criminal recklessness with a vehicle and one class-D felony: resisting law enforcement with a vehicle.

On its website, WTHI said Opurt was involved in an accident that eventually led to his arrest.


Vigo County prosecutor Terry Modesitt told WTHI, “It was determined there was not any alcohol in his system and now valid prescriptions have been presented to our office that supports  what drugs were found in his system,” Modesitt added. “It all comes down to making sure you get it right because someone’s career and life’s at stake here and you do not want to charge and prosecute someone.. if the evidence changes.. and now you may not be able to prove a crime was committed.”

Modesitt also told the Tribune Star Orpurt didn’t get any special treatment because he’s on TV. Orpurt started working at WTHI in 1982.