CEO of Hubbard Broadcasting Thinks Donald Trump Is a ‘Jerk’

By Kevin Eck 

Stanley S. Hubbard is the chairman and CEO of Hubbard Broadcasting and “one of Minnesota’s richest men and most prolific political donors,” says the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Hubbard also counts billionaire businessmen and polarizing political donors Charles and David Koch as friends and isn’t shy about saying what he thinks.

Hubbard is also brutally frank in his assessment of the remaining Republican candidates. Donald Trump is “a jerk.” Jeb Bush is a nice man, but “disappointing.” Marco Rubio “seems like he has a good personality.” Ted Cruz is “a right-wing religious guy, I don’t like that.”


The Star Tribune got a behind-the-scenes look at Hubbard, whose Minneapolis-St.Paul station KSTP was caught up in controversy last year when it reported Mayor Betsy Hodges had been photographed flashing a gang sign. Hubbard blamed social media for the hubbub.

Hubbard’s political views are broadly pro-business, distrustful of government agencies and pragmatic about social issues. In the interview, he called climate change “a scam” and unions “not necessary.” At the same time, he said he doesn’t like religion in politics, and he criticized Tea Party Republicans for what he called an unwillingness to compromise.

“I’m not afraid to stand up and be counted for what I believe in,” Hubbard said. “I wish more people would stand up. They’re afraid.”

The interview in his office done, Hubbard walks his visitors to the front of the building. The receptionist is away from her desk, and a lone man is sitting in the lobby.

“Have you been helped?” Hubbard asks him.