CBS Plans Report to Counter Sawyer’s Introduction

By Andrew Gauthier 

Associated Press

CBS News is planning an ambitious turn-of-decade look at America’s position in the world that’s also designed as an opening competitive shot at Diane Sawyer.

Called “CBS Reports: Where America Stands,” the series will look at issues such as health care, the military, the economy and crime. Reporters will show what was happening 10 years ago and compare it to now, with predictions about how things will be like at the start of the 2020s.


The “CBS Evening News” will be the centerpiece for the reports. But “The Early Show,” “Face the Nation” and the network’s radio and online outlets will also participate, said Sean McManus, CBS News president.

“People really do want to know how safe we are and could we fight another war if we had to,” McManus said. “How strong is our military? Is it stronger than it was 10 years ago? Is it weaker? And how prepared are we for the challenges of the next decade.” More…