CBS News Looks Into the Future With Mo Rocca

By Andrew Gauthier 

CBS News launched a new webcast this morning starring comedian and political satirist, Mo Rocca. “The Tomorrow Show” will air weekly, and “look at the endless possibilities of the future,” Mark Larkin, a VP at told The New York Times . Topics will include the future of pets, traffic, and candy, and futuristic notions like nuclear-powered hovercraft and weight-loss doughnuts.

Rocca has provided commentary on a range of television shows, from pop culture surveys like VH1’s “I Love the 80’s,” and “Best Week Ever,” to news and variety shows like MSNBC’s “Countdown” with Keith Olbermann, and NBC’s The Tonight Show. He contributed regularly to “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” from 1998 to 2003, and is a regular judge on the Food Network’s “Iron Chef America.” He kept an AOL Newsblog from 2007-2009, titled “Mo Rocca 180: Only Half as Tedious as the Regular News.”

Today’s debut episode was called “The Future of Paper,” and included considerations of the Amazon Kindle and other digital readers, the future of newspapers, and “the fantasy of the paperless office.” Rocca interviewed several paper experts for the episode, including Jim Juczak, whose house outside of Watertown, NY is made of a paper-based building material, called “papercrete.”