CBS News and Stations Airs Weeklong Climate Special

By Kevin Eck 

CBS News and Stations said it is “taking viewers on an unprecedented journey into the heart of the world’s northernmost and fastest-warming community in Svalbard, Norway,” with a five-part docuseries called Warming Signs.

Warming Signs premiered last night and will end with an hour-long special called On the Dot with David Schechter that will air and stream on CBS Stations starting Friday, December 8.

The show is hosted by national environmental correspondent David Schechter, who shows what scientists are learning in Norway about how global warming is causing changes in our climate and contributing to our extreme weather events.


Warming Signs is a collaboration led by the CBS Local News Innovation Lab, between climate-trained journalists and meteorologists at each CBS-owned station. As part of the week-long project, local climate stories relevant to respective CBS-owned markets will air in the local newscasts in Baltimore, Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, Colorado, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, Minnesota, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Sacramento and Texas.

The week-long series will feature daily segments from Norway by Schechter, including:
Measuring melting: Scientists on Svalbard are closely gauging the rate of glacier melt to project potential rises in U.S. sea levels.
More methane: Despite U.S. efforts to curb greenhouse gases, melting glaciers in Svalbard are exacerbating the issue in unexpected ways.
Arctic renewables: Pioneering renewable energy experiments are underway in Svalbard’s unforgiving arctic conditions, exploring its viability in the coldest climates.
Avalanche safety: Svalbard is pioneering early warning systems to prevent avalanches, potentially benefiting global safety measures.
Disappearing ice: Svalbard’s lack of freezing sea ice, a consequence of rapid Arctic warming, could impact winter weather patterns across the United States.

Each CBS Station will also produce local climate impact stories that will air within their respective newscast focusing on coastal markets: The rising sea levels’ impact on communities and adaptation strategies in the face of relentless climate change and inland markets: Shedding light on the escalating unpredictability of winter weather and its repercussions on local populations.