CBS 3 Anchor Nicole Brewer Won’t Renew Contract After 10 Years

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

KYW anchor Nicole Brewer has signed off from the Philadelphia CBS station after 10 years.

She says she decided not to renew her contract.

“There’s no drama, no back story. I just want to be able to eat dinner with my husband and tuck my babies into bed,” she said in a Facebook post.


Brewer started at the station in 2008 as a digital journalist. It was a time when newsrooms didn’t have many resources dedicated to online reporting she said in a recent blog post.

“With a consumer camcorder, I shot my own stories and stand ups for the web and felt completely out of place in a newsroom filled with veteran reporters and anchors, who were household names,” Brewer said.

The anchor-reporter has had many roles with the station and most recently anchored the evening newscasts.

You can watch her final sign off below.