Canadian Anchor’s Artichoke Dip Goes ‘Horribly Wrong’

By Kevin Eck 

So it’s official, pretty much everyone knows not to accept food from Canadian anchor Leslie Horton after she brought her now infamous artichoke dip to work as part of a weeklong segment where Global News Calgary anchors show off their holiday cooking skills.

Horton was missing some ingredients for the dip so she went freestyle. “I didn’t have a lemon, so I just cut up an orange and put that in there,” Horton told her co-anchors. “And I didn’t know what spice to put in so I put celery salt and oregano in.”

Meteorologist Jordan Witzel tried it and had to spit it out. Anchor Scott Fee thought it smelled like a barn. Horton admitted on-air something went “horribly wrong.”


“It burns,” said Amber Schinkel.

“I am a terrible cook,” Horton said on the station’s website. “I could create a cookbook with all the recipes and dishes I have ruined. I need to stop improvising in the kitchen but I keep trying.”

Global seemed pretty proud of its anchors’ misfortune. “Leslie Horton’s Horrendous Holiday Artichoke Dip Goes Viral” was the headline on the station’s website.