Canada-U.S. Cross-Border Station Shake-Up

By Andrew Gauthier 

The Hollywood Reporter

A grand Canadian tradition of cable and satellite TV subscribers receiving U.S. cross-border TV station signals is undergoing a shake-up.

Following a protest by loyal PBS viewers in Ottawa, the nation’s capital, local cable operator Rogers Communications agreed not to replace the WPBS-TV broadcast out of Waterdown, New York with the U.S. public broadcaster’s Detroit affiliate to improve the reception.

Tom Hanley, president and general manager of WPBS-TV, said his station and Rogers “found a solution to continue to deliver programming to our friends in Ottawa” through a fibre connection.

Ottawa city councilor Rick Chiarelli, who has co-hosted membership drives for WPBS-TV, helped organize a grass-roots campaign to stop the switch of the PBS feed from Waterdown to Detroit, citing the Waterdown affiliate as “the glue that cements the relationship between Ottawa and northern New York.” More…