‘Can I Get a Fish Sandwich?’ WBFF Traffic Reporter Just Wants to Eat

By Kevin Eck 

Telling everyone he’s been in the car since 4:00 a.m., a WBFF traffic guy Traffic Jam Jimmy got caught looking for a fish sandwich from a local drive through instead of reporting on traffic conditions on Baltimore roadways.

“Hey is it too early to get a fish sandwich?” yelled Jimmy after WBFF on set traffic reporter Candace Dold tossed to him live in his car. “Oh Candace, we live? Woops. Hey I’ve been in the car since 4:00. I’m starving.”


Jimmy was supposed to be giving the traffic news. Instead, he got an Egg McMuffin and a medium black coffee.

As they say in some neighborhoods, not for nothing, also check out what’s on the seat behind him.