Buffalo Meteorologist Shuffle Raises Retirement Rumors

By Kevin Eck 

Friday, The Buffalo News reported morning meteorologist Todd Santos will join longtime WIVB chief meteorologist Don Paul on the Buffalo CBS affiliate’s evening shift.

Santos will replace Paul at 5:30 on WIVB and 10:00 p.m. on WNLO and will team up with Paul at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 p.m.

Asked why the station needs two meteorologists on the same newscast, Levy said: “We want to put the focus on weather. In a market like Western New York, where weather is important, it also is important to showcase our experience.”

This weekend, Paul avoided directly addressing the perceived demotion by letting The News’ Alan Pergament do the talking. Paul posted on his facebook page, “I’ve had a number of private inquiries about changes coming to 4Warn Weather Monday, with details in Alan Pergament’s blog yesterday. I can’t discuss any of it, but feel free to read his blog for the Buffalo News called “Talkin’ TV”.

Today, Pergament wrote, “The changes in the Channel 4 weather department starting today certainly make it appear that the long-term future of veteran meteorologist Don Paul is at the very least cloudy, with a chance that he is headed off to the sunset in a year or two.”

Paul isn’t allowed to talk to me. However, I suppose I owe him a thank you for promoting my blog on Facebook over the weekend and shedding a tiny bit of light on the situation.

Paul also commented on his facebook page, “Just want to say to some of you; it is not in my plans to retire at this time.”

Pergament summed up the rest of the changes happening in the WIVB weather department, saying Mike Cejka will move to mornings and Andrew Baglini moves to replace Cejka in the weekends.