Brian Burnell Retires After Nearly 25 Years at NECN

By Kevin Eck 

WBTS-NECN anchor Brian Burnell has retired from the NBC owned Boston stations.

The Laurel reports that “alongside his longtime colleague, photog Todd Labrecque, he’s covered every big story in Connecticut.”

Burnell started his career at WTVH in Syracuse, N.Y. He then worked at WRGB in Albany for eight years before being hired by WTNH in New Haven, Connecticut in 1991. He’s worked at New England Cable News since 1999.


“Brian Burnell is the epitome of what an anchor and reporter should be – oozing with integrity, intelligence and personality,” said WFXT reporter Elysia Rodriguez on Facebook. “He’s also a very, very good and genuine person and has been an amazing friend that has truly changed my life for the better. I made it through many dark times thanks to his encouragement and friendship and I am SO happy for your happiness.”