Brian Andrews Back at Miami’s WFOR

By Kevin Eck 

Brian Andrews is back at the station he left nearly four years ago, according to  Andrews will join the Miami CBS O&O WFOR on Monday as a reporter for the special projects unit.

Andrews has popped up on-air from time to time as a freelancer for both CBS News and WCBS in New York. He recently came back to pitch in during WFOR’s Hurricane Isaac coverage.

Andrews left WFOR in 2007 for Bogota, Colombia to start an English language newscast on RCN, the largest TV network in that country.

In an interview with Colombia Reports, Andrews talked of his time in Colombia, “I did everything I could to help show the world the positive side of what’s happening in Colombia. In the end, it was clear it just wasn’t smart for a gringo to be running all over the south of country, telling the world to come visit, when the FARC wanted to kidnap me. And it’s not like I was targeted because I made someone angry. I was told they wanted me because I was a rather “easy” target. After all, I was the smiling American on TV every day traveling all over the country.”