Brad Maushart Leaving WKRC in Cincinnati for ‘Normal People Hours’

By Kevin Eck 

WKRC weekend meteorologist Brad Maushart is leaving the Cincinnati CBS affiliate after more than four years at the station.

Maushart is going to work for The Weather Company as a broadcast media enablement consultant. The Weather Company owns the weather graphics software and hardware used by WKRC.

“I’ll also have weekends off for the first time since the summer of 2016 and ‘normal people’ hours — so I’ll finally be able to sleep,” Maushart told Cincinnati media writer John Kiesewetter.


He came to WKRC in December 2018 from WISH in Indianapolis.

“Basically, I’m breaking up with television, but I’d like to remain friends. My last day at WKRC will be April 24, and I will begin my new job on May 1,” Maushart said.

“What most don’t understand is that TV news is hard on people,” WKRC chief meteorologist John Gumm said on Facebook. “You don’t work normal hours; you don’t have a consistent schedule. You work nights, early mornings, weekends and holidays. And you don’t get rich doing it.”