Both Palin and Obama Draw Big Numbers for Fox News

By Andrew Gauthier 

The Swamp

Sarah Palin was box office on FOX News this week – handing Sean Hannity one of his highest-rated shows.

Someone else drew a crowd at FOX this week, too: President Barack Obama.

While Hannity’s audience of more than 4 million viewers with the author of “Going Rogue” aboard at the start of her national book tour well exceeded the 2 million-plus turnout that the FOX evening news got with a long-sought Obama interview, both shows were ratings leaders for the No. 1 cable news network:

Hannity’s ratings were his second-highest for the year, according to the Nielsen Media Research count, and he beat the network’s top-drawing Bill O’Reilly, who had 3.868 million viewers Wednesday night.

Nielsen found that FOX News Channel’s Hannity drew 4.2 million viewers with Palin’s appearance – far surpassing the competition in the time slot: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, with 957,000 viewers, and CNN’s Larry King, with 835,000. More…