Boston TV News ‘Set for Seismic Shakeup’

By Mark Joyella 

The Boston Herald put the resignation of WHDH chief meteorologist Pete Bouchard on its front page Thursday, with the bold face headline CLIMATE CHANGE.

Bouchard is believed to be bound for a new NBC O&O, with NBC ending its affiliation with Sunbeam-owned WHDH.

Contacted by TVSpy, an NBC spokesperson declined to comment on the rumors Wednesday. The Herald, however, cites “a source with knowledge of the deal” who says NBC has “already informed Sunbeam…that they will not be renewing the station’s NBC affiliation when their contract runs out at the end of next year.”


The source tells the Herald all NBC programming will move to NBC-owned WNEU. Telemundo, which currently airs on WNEU, would drop to a digital channel.

WHDH, meanwhile, could replace NBC programming with CW, but the station’s general manager, Paul Magnes told the Herald he doesn’t expect he’ll need to. “Our contract expires 1/1/17 and we fully expect to extend our affiliation agreement with NBC.”