Bored Guy Not Sorry for Breaking Newsroom Windows in Rochester

By Kevin Eck 

A homeless man in Rochester is facing a felony charge after using a cinder block to break two newsroom windows at NBC affiliate WHEC on Tuesday night.

The Democrat & Chronicle reports Gregory Ricci pleaded not guilty to second-degree criminal mischief the next day.

Ricci said in his statement to police: “I was bored stiff and poor people need to have fun too.”

He also stated that he was not sorry and wished he could have broken more. “Actually, I want to go back and break the other two, so I could get all four. I mean it! It’s not a lie,” court papers said.

He also threatened to go the judge’s house and break his windows, too, saying he wasn’t afraid of him, in the statement.

He’s being held on $10,000 cash bail.