‘Boom Goes the Dynamite’ Kid Lands at KSAX

By Andrew Gauthier 


File this under “Good for Him.”

Brian Collins, who achieved internet infamy in 2005 when an awkward video of him using the catchphrase “Boom goes the dynamite” went viral, has landed a job at KSAX in Alexandria, MN. The news comes from Texas media blogger Mike McGuff, who has been following Collins’ post-“Boom” career after the Ball State graduate was hired by Waco’s KXXV in 2008.


In their Bio for Collins, KSAX writes, “Brian appeared in several magazines and on television shows for coining the phrase ‘boom goes the dynamite.’ He dropped the catch phrase after nearly everything went wrong during his first on air experience his freshman year of college at Ball State University.”

Collins graduated from Ball State in 2008 and got a job as a reporter at KXXV. His tenure at KXXV lasted less than a year, though, and he moved on to doing freelance writing for online news sites. After a brief stint as a web producer with Cincinnati’s WXIX, Collins accepted a position with KSAX.

Here’s hoping that Collins’ latest career move allows him to carve out a reputation beyond being the “Boom goes the dynamite” kid.