Blogger Starts #ThankAReporter to Honor Lisa Colagrossi

By Kevin Eck 

After the untimely death of WABC reporter Lisa Colagrossi, New York news blogger @NYNewsObserver was inspired to get anchors and reporters to show their appreciation for one other through social media.

The man behind @NYNewsObserver, who didn’t want his name used, told TVSpy, he started the trend “to honor & remember Lisa by paying it forward.” He added, “To put it simply, thank a reporter for their hard work & let them know it’s appreciated.”

To get in on the good vibes, give a reporter, anchor, photog, producer or anyone at a news station a compliment and use the hashtag #ThankAReporter.

He said he is moved by how quickly the trend has taken off. “I never thought it would and I’m happy it did. I hope it’s making journalists feel appreciated & I hope the staff at WABC are seeing just how many people have taken part in honoring Lisa.”

The 49-year-old Colagrossi suffered a brain aneurysm Thursday while out on assignment.