Beware The WTVR Banana Hammer

By Kevin Eck 

OK, so the story contains no sexual innuendo or glaring on-air mistake, but WTVR reporter Jerrita Patterson may have found the winter companion to the old summer trick of frying an egg on the sidewalk to show how hot it is.

The reporter for the Richmond, Va. CBS affiliate used a banana to show just how cold it was in a live shot.

“Now this banana is completely frozen. It is now a banana hammer. So, any home projects, you can actually use this to complete that,” said Patterson.


Anchors Rob Cardwell and Reba Hollingsworth warned viewers to be wary of Patterson and her new found banana hammer, while morning meteorologist Carrie Rose took it in another direction, doing MC Hammer impersonation in the snow, in Richmond, in a parka.