Bernie Sanders Abruptly Ends KPNX Interview, Says ‘Didn’t Walk Away’

By Kevin Eck 

Sen. Bernie Sanders was doing an interview with Phoenix NBC affiliate KPNX reporter Brahm Resnick when, depending on who you ask, he either walked away or abruptly let Resnick know his time was up.

After Resnick asked about Sanders’ wife meeting with Sheriff Joe Arpaio at his tent city jail, Sanders talked about investing in education and jobs, Hillary Clinton, and then stood up and looked like he was about to walk out.


“First candidate who’s ever walked away,” Resnick said with Sanders standing right in front of him.

“I didn’t walk away,” said Sanders. “I told you I had four minutes. You had more than four minutes. I don’t walk away, you persisted.”

When Resnick told Sanders that persisting is what he does since he’s a reporter, Sanders continued by saying “But don’t say I walked away” and added the Phoenix reporter got “the time that was allotted.”

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