Ben Affleck Borrows KTLA Reporter’s Phone to Watch the Sox

By Kevin Eck 

Ben Affleck was walking the red carpet for his new film The Accountant Monday night, when he showed he’d rather be watching the Boston Red Sox in the MLB playoffs.

Like any normal-type-real person, he grabbed the phone from KTLA reporter Doug Kolk and watched a bit. Either that or he revealed that the sole media strategy for the movie is using KTLA. The Red Sox lost, by the way.

“I’m going to have to take a break,” USA Today reports Affleck said. “This is agonizing. I would much rather be watching the game, but this is a job.”


Last week, the movie’s press folks apologized to KTLA entertainment reporter Sam Rubin after he accused them of censoring his interviews. All was forgiven when the director’s wife showed up on set with cupcakes and a kiss.